Manuela art & design



Japan; a great source of inspiration. My work combines elements from contemporary fashion magazines with various elements from Japanese styles and eras such as floral and artistic patterns. 

The Japanese culture was brought to our family through my Great Aunt Sigrid – who spent the first half of the 20th century in Japan – and the haiku poems that my father, Jan Vintilescu, for the first time ever, interpreted into Swedish in the late 1950’s. Aunt Sigrid was a painter on porcelain, silk and canvas and her work was deeply inspired by the Japanese culture where she was living for many years. Her house in Zürich, Switzerland was filled with Japanese woodblock prints, objects and the Japanese culture that she brought back from her stays there.

This ”Japanese heritage” inspired me to the create my own style of manga ”Pop Icons”; what is called in japanese ”Bijingas”, (Beautiful women).