Vernissage 2012 02 02

Manuela Vintilescu announces the launch of her
new exciting collaboration with
Loungelover in Shoreditch; London.

Manuela Vintilescu
will be hosting a Launch party
Thursday 2 february 2012
from 6pm-9pm at Loungelover,
1 Whitby Street, London, E1 6JU
Telephone: 020 7012 1234

This is the first project in London where
the artist makes an interior decoration and now
Manuela Vintilescus' artwork, printed on 7m
plexiglass panels, will be on permanent display
at Loungelover.
A bright, positive urbaness and contemporary
elegance is now added to the lounge bar with
Manuela Vintilescus' colourful, imaginative and
asian inspired art.

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